Our Product Range

We have an outstanding range of blinds in a variety of colours and textures to suit the look and feel of your room and of course your budget.

Nu Look Shutters  are the latest ion our product range and they’re a work of true craftmanship.  They come in a choice of eliptical  blade size of 64 or 89mm. You can have a mid bar control operation or a hidden rail, you can split the louvres and operate the top separately from the bottom and you can have them hinged, bi-folding or sliding. We have a choice of 4 different White’s and we offer colour matching options as well.

Our Wooden Cedar Blinds, made from top quality Canadian cedar will look lovely in any room, giving you that warm and natural look. But if your budget doesn’t allow, you might want to take a look at our range of PVC Venetian Blinds, which are a cheaper alternative.

The standard Aluminium Venetian Blinds are still very popular in New Zealand. And there are all new streamlined versions, which are as desirable and practical as they have ever been.

The height of fashion at the moment however are Sunfilter and Privacy Blockout Roller blinds. We have a stunning range of unique, textured fabrics to suit every room. Ranging from the neutrals to feature fabrics there’s something for everyone.

Our Sunfilter blinds allow 5% of the sun’s rays through the blind fabric and are a filter more than a block. They’re great for public rooms where privacy isn’t so much of a factor and you can see through them (perfect if you have a view you want to see but need protection from the sun). Our Privacy Blockouts are a solid piece of fabric with a locked or polyester backing which provides as much block from the sun as possible. These are however mounted inside the window frame so light will get in around the edges.