Plantation Shutters:

These handcrafted Shutters truly are the creme de la creme of window treatments.  They come in a choice of an eliptical  blade size of 64 or 89mm. You can have Cafe Style half Shutters or Shutters that fill the window space. You can have the mid rail control opening and closing the blades or you can have the more minimalist hidden rail. There are also various options in terms of controlling light and privacy. This product really is stunning and it comes in 5 different shades of White/off which. We can also match them to your walls or architraves if you desire, this will cost an extra 15%.

Shutter information:

Every Shutter is custom made and they’re all made of Basswood, which we believe to be the best, most durable and sustainable wood for Shutters. Basswood is very dense meaning it can take a few knocks without being damaged and they’ve all been thoroughly tested to make sure they stand up to New Zealand weather conditions.

We can manufacture Shutters to any shape window. Round curves, Triangles, Semi circles, all architectural and feature windows welcome.

All our Shutters are imported and we have personally visited our suppliers to inspect the production and quality control processes. We therefore have no problem standing behind the product 100% and offer a 3 year guarantee.