PVC Wood Look Venetians – Great look, great price

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PVC Wood Look Venetians give you that stylish wooden venetian blind look using vinyl compounds, instead of the usual Canadian cedar. It’s ideal for people wanting to place blinds in areas with a lot of moisture like kitchens, bathrooms and laundries. They also work very well in places that can be easily damaged by pets, children and teenagers. Because it’s PVC, it is much heavier than the cedar alternative and is not as light to pull up and down. As a result, the components wear quicker. PVC Blinds are priced accordingly.

These blinds will give you all the benefits of the other blinds – giving your home that warm and stylish look, while providing you with that added privacy. If you shut the blinds in winter it will keep the heat in, while letting them open in summer lets that nice cool breeze into your home. PVC Wood Look Blinds look great in any area of the home.

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