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Simply follow the instructions to get your guide price and submit it to us when you’re done. We’ll contact you within 24 hours to finalise the details and either book you in for a consultation or help guide you through the DIY process, depending on your preference (a lot of our customers take the DIY option with great success – it’s really not as hard as you might think!).

Design your blind in two easy steps!

1. Label your blind (e.g. by room).

2. Choose a type of blind

3. Measurements


* Please note the minimum blind width is 500mm, the maximimum is 3000mm. Blinds larger or smaller than the recommended sizes may be manufacturable, or we may be able to recommend an alternative, please contact our experts for recommendations.

4. Controls


Control side


Please tell us whether this is an inside or an outside fit (see measurement guide for an explanation).

5. Roller components

Component colour

Component action

Aluminium 25mm Swatches

Aluminium 50mm Swatches

Cedar Painted Swatches

Cedar Stained Swatches

Faux Wood Swatches

Privacy Blockout Swatches

Sunfilter Classic Swatches

Sunfilter Luxury Swatches

Sunscreen Swatches


Sunshut Sheer Swatches

Sunshut Leno Swatches

Alps Swatches

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You can choose to have your blind made to fit the inside of the jam of your window or it can hang on the outside architrave.

How to measure inside diagram How to measure outside diagram
Measuring for an ‘inside’ fit Measuring for an ‘outside’ fit

For an outside fit, the measurement you need to take is from the outside edge of the architrave from side to side (as in the picture). We will make your blind exactly to these measurements.

For an inside fit (the most popular and what we recommend), the measurement you need is from jamb to jamb. We will make your blind to fit into that space perfectly. There’s no need for you to make any adjustments because we allow for this. If you don't measure from jamb to jamb and try and allow a space and then give us the measurement, your finished blinds will be too small.