Brightshine Venetians are the absolute professionals. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years now. And what gives us the edge is that we not only provide a great range of blinds to suit your home, but we also maintain the blinds by cleaning and repairing.

In particular, it’s the experience of cleaning and repairing not just our range but also other companies’ blinds that give us insight into what can go wrong. From these findings, we know what works and what doesn’t, so we deliver a superior quality blind for you and your home.

You can buy our new blinds in one of two ways

Have a consultant come to your home

If you’d like one of our consultants to come to your home and chat about some of your thoughts or answer any of your questions, this is a great way to get you thinking about how blinds can transform your home. Just click on Book A Consultation for this service.

You can measure and install yourself

If you would like to measure up, find out an idea of the price and install any Brightshine Blinds, just click on the Measurement Guide and Quote Tool. It’s very simple and great for people who like a bit of DIY. We can also offer a further discount to you if you’re happy to do the measuring and fitting yourself. We’ll give you the discount when we call to confirm your order.

It pays to have your blinds cleaned and repaired

We recommend you have your blinds professionally cleaned by us once a year and repaired if need be. This will help keep your blinds looking good throughout the year.

We offer a same day delivery service from Whangaparoa to Pukekohe. Click here to book to have your blinds cleaned or repaired.

Please note: We do not clean ready made blinds. We don’t stock all the different types of components that are used in ready made blinds therefore we can not service them. Anything you may have bought directly off the shelf that is not made to measure or plastic blinds will not be brought in for cleaning/repairing.